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From Candace

When you connect to the incredible value of what you offer the world you will be unstoppable in making massive change in all areas of your life.  You must keep moving forward in getting your voice out there, being seen as the incredible woman that you are and share your gifts.  The world is waiting for YOU!

"Your Intuition is Your Soul Speaking to You!” ~Candace McKim

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Book Summary

Intuition is a perception of truth, a quick and keen insight.  This book is about intuition.  How to develop it!  How to use it!  Yogini’s Guide - Intuition Is A Choice and Yogini’s Guide to Intuition Oracle Cards teaches us through the practice of yoga how to expand your intuition.


Whether you’re looking for a massive life overhaul or a quick daily check-in, this is where you’ll find it. Candace demystifies the practice of using your intuition and includes it as part of daily life.  Along with a practical guide to living a yogic lifestyle she helps you understand all of the complexities in a simple charming manner.  


Candace takes the labyrinth of seemingly incomprehensible subjects such as yoga, chakras and dharma and then teaches you in  manageable bite-size chunks so it seems doable!  You'll relate to her funny, touching, human stories and find yourself in them.  You too will be able to start out on your own adventure.  Magnificent!

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