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Aum Nicol

Joy of Infinite Possibilities

Sunara Press

Aum Nicol founded Sunara Press in 2017. The name Sunara is ancient Sanskrit for Joy. The motto for the self-publishing company is the Joy of Infinite Possibilities.  Nicol believes at every moment in life, and for every choice, there are unlimited opportunities. Her first goal is to print books that inspire introspection, empowers self-realization, and fosters empathy towards oneself and others’ Highest Good. Secondly, she desires to write from a joyful and playful imagination for children.  She is up to the task of learning to wear all the hats of an Indie Writer/Publisher.

gift of the gurus book
About the Book

Discover the bliss of meditation from four foundational gurus:

Sri Ramakrishna

Swami Paramahansa Yogananda

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ananadamayi Ma

Part 1: expand your awarness of the nuances of the gurus faith and the 5000-year-old cultural practice.

Part 2:  through the gurus’ intense devotion, come to understand how your meditation practice can bring you closer to the Divine.

Gift of the Gurus

by Pearl Anjanee Gyan Ed. D.

Learn to meditate from four

foundational Gurus.


It’s like sitting with the gurus, learning about their lives, and about their meditational practices!

About the Author

 Pearl A. Gyan completed a doctorate in leadership education from the University of San Diego and taught for 30 years in a small community in central Alberta, Canada.  She became an instructor at Edmonton’s University of Alberta Faculty of Education.  Her book Gift of the Gurus draws upon Gyan’s doctoral research on developing the inner self of students.

About the Book

In 2040, Jemmy Sterling is born able to see angels.  Its been 20 years since a deadly pandemic and this young girl is trying to cope with angels in her life.  An organization learns of her gift when she is 7 years old and want to exploit her for their nefarious goals.  When Jemmy turns 16, her angels want her to warn to world about something worse than a pandemic but the organization is on her heels.  Can Jemmy escapte them and do her angels bidding?

Lights Around Her

by Aum Nicol

Discover what is needed for humanity

to live with a focus on the

Highest Good for All.


A visually-rich narrative that focuses on the incredible experiences, both miraculous and perilous, of a girl able to see angels.

IMG_7224-1 2.jpg
About the Author

 Aum Nicol is an accomplished teacher, now retired.  She began writing about a pandemic in 2018 but changed the story line for it to occur in the past when the coronavirus swept the world.  She writes to reveal possibilities towards a greater good, and for the enjoyment of children. She has self-published several books and is developing skills as an illustrator.  

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