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I believe my human life is a privilege. My humanity allows me to experience everything in my life and use it to decide who I am. It allows me to not merely live a conceptual life, but to consciously experience ME. By exploring my divinity and my consciousness, I gain knowledge of the value of those experiences.

 If you don't decide who you are in the experience - the experience will decide who you are.


Book Summary

It’s time to stop searching outside of your Self for the answers to the most important questions you have about your life and who you really are.   It’s time go within and find those answers and transform from the inside out.

Talking to My Self ~ Evolving on Purpose is a result of a workshop I developed and taught for more than 10 years called “Awaken your Inner Healer” and its intent is to create independent healers who are dedicated to self-development and self-awareness.  For those who are ready to awaken their awareness, create conscious change in their lives, transform trapped trauma, embrace their experiences, and discover their own divinity this is the book for you. 

This book is an oracle, a teacher, a good friend when you need one, and even better a self-propelled workshop that will inspire you to be the healer, teacher and creator of your own wonderful life.  

I knew you were ready so…

I wrote this book just for you.

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