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From One Community

Our vision is to usher in a new age of cooperation, collaboration, and sustainability. We do this by demonstrating what’s possible, open sourcing and free-sharing the blueprints, and making modular or total duplication easy enough, affordable enough, and attractive enough so that positive and sustainable world-change will spread on its own.

Our mission at One Community is to help people create a better world by demonstrating a more sustainable and enriching way of living and open source everything required for replication.


One Community Methodology: Details of How We Are Creating Global Change

Humanity has the ability and resources to positively and permanently transform the world for everyone. We are bringing together the people who want to help us and creating detailed open source blueprints and a self-replicating starting point to make this happen. We know if we make it easy enough, affordable enough, and attractive enough, world-change will spread on its own and that is One Community’s goal.

For The Highest Good of All

We believe even a small group of people cooperating, collaborating, and committing to holding each other accountable to planning and acting on what is in the best interest of everyone has the potential to transform the world. Everything humanity does can be approached with this stewardship mindset and moving forward with what will have the most positive and proactive impact for each other, all people, and the planet. One Community calls this living and creating for The Highest Good of All and it is our highest value and foundation of our operations and decision making process.



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